True Horizon
… exists to engage the culture in defense of classical Christianity
and to equip others to do the same ...

Bob is prepared to approach this endeavor by focusing on the following areas:

Pro-Life Apologetics: In cooperation with the Life Training Institute, True Horizon holds to the view that human life is valuable and should be protected from conception to natural death. Through public speaking, debate, blogging, podcasting, and offering informational seminars for churches and other organizations or individuals that are willing to address the most significant moral issue of our time, Bob will defend and promote that view.

The 75% Problem: Young adults are leaving the church in droves. Studies show that up to 75% of those brought up in the American church end up leaving the faith after they leave home to attend college or join the workforce. In conjunction with, True Horizon aims to take this issue on directly by conducting training seminars and addressing high school and college-aged students specifically about topics like: Does Truth Exist? :: Does God Exist? :: Are Miracles Possible? :: Is The New Testament Reliable?

Reconciling Science and Faith: The culture wants us to believe that “Science has disproved God.” And scientism, the belief that science is the only reliable way to seek or find what is true, is a paradigm that has insidiously worked its way into every aspect of our culture. Clear thinking tells us that neither of these is true – or even possible. Science and Faith can coexist and even address some of the same topics. When they do, their answers should be complementary, not in conflict. Looking at the actual evidence, it soon becomes clear that this is exactly the case in such areas as: The Origin and Design of the Universe, The Origin, Diversity and Design of Life, The Origin of Man, and The Existence of the Soul. Working as a certified apologist for Reasons To Believe, Bob will be glad to address your group about any of these topics.

Responding to the "New Atheists": Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens have each written best-selling books to promote the atheist worldview and are among the most popular writers who do so. Each of them is witty, intelligent and clever in not only espousing their own ideas, but in delivering what seem to be devastating attacks on religion in general and Christianity in particular. Bob would love to expose the flaws in their thinking and point out that when we look at what they actually say, it soon becomes clear that their arguments are not new – and that they most certainly should not be persuasive.

Living the Life: It is one thing to consider and understand the issues that form the foundation of a Christian view of the world. It is quite another thing to connect that knowledge to a vital, properly understood spirituality that is not dependent on the culturally popular version of a feel-good, self-esteem driven pursuit of finding and being true to one’s self. The eternal life Jesus promised us is a holistic one that connects objective reality with a God-centered spirituality. It is a life born in the surrender of self, nurtured in the practice of the spiritual disciplines, and rewarded with a promise this world could never deliver. This is the ultimate focus of True Horizon, the reason it exists at all, and the topic Bob would most like to address with a group like yours.