Friday, March 11, 2016

The Truth About Warren Davidson

I live in the 8th congressional district of Ohio. Anyone who knows anything about the American political landscape knows about Ohio 8 even if they don't realize it. That's because, for the last 26 years, our representative in Washington has been John Boehner, the man who has been Speaker of the House since 2011. We moved to West Chester the year John Boehner was first elected. Before that, I was politically ignorant. But that election was when I was first awakened to the importance of politics and the need for me to be informed and involved in the world my kids would grow up in. John Boehner was impressive. He (along with Rick Santorum) was part of "The Gang of Seven" who, as freshmen congressmen, exposed the cronyism in Washington and broke the House Banking Scandal. Four years later they were heavily involved with the very successful Contract With America.

I have friends who know John Boehner and will tell you he is a great guy. I have no reason to doubt that. But, after 26 years in Washington, D.C., I believe anyone can and will become politically flawed simply because they have been operating in The System so long they forget why they were sent there to try to change it. It's the water they swim in. Like fish, they don't even know they're wet. Nobody embodies that phenomenon more completely than John Boehner. He's a great guy, but he ceased being the guy bringing new solutions to the problems in Washington. Instead, he became part of the problem. I wish him all the best, but it was time for him to go.

So, for the first time in 26 years, we in Ohio's 8th District have a realistic chance of making a massive statement about who want to replace our congressman. We don't just need to replace the person; we need to reset the system. The problems our nation faces are too big and too threatening to our children's future to leave them to the cronies of the system John Boehner just left behind.

Enter Warren Davidson.

You can read about Warren at Warren Davidson for Congress. Go see if he is someone you agree with. I did, and I have met him twice. He is the real deal. If you're a conservative, he's the most conservative candidate in the race. That's not my judgement, it's the judgement of the independent You may have to input some information to get to the actual comparison page so I have taken a screen shot of it:

Warren Davidson is the most conservative candidate in our local Ohio 8 race

You may agree or disagree with either Warren Davidson, or with my assessment of him. That's OK. Vote accordingly.

But that's not the reason I'm writing this.

I'm writing this because of what Warren Davidson's opponents are doing to him. To put it as gently as I possibly can, they are lying through their teeth.

Today I received a mailer with a dark, ominous looking picture of Warren that made the following points about him:

THE LIE: "Warren Davidson ships American jobs overseas. He has a manufacturing facility in China and even owns a website -- boasting about his use of cheap Chinese manufacturing ... Like is big-money special interest backers, Warren Davidson favors profits over the American people, operating his company in China to boost his profits instead of creating U. S. jobs.


1)  Warren Davidson’s company has 3 manufacturing plants. All three are in Ohio’s 8th district, and employ more than 200 Ohioans. Those companies are Global Source Manufacturing, West Troy, and RK Metals. While these companies have international customers and suppliers, none of them have any jobs or facilities in China.

2)  Yes, Warren's company does own a website named He bought the domain name as a marketing move. Go ahead. Type that name in your browser and see where it takes you ...

You see, when someone types in that name, they are redirected to a webpage on Warren's own Global Source Molds company website. Check it out for yourself. It's a page that encourages you to stop buying cheap, low quality tools from China and instead buy American tools made by his company here in the U.S.

In other words, not only is the mailer I received a complete lie, but the truth about Warren Davidson is exactly the opposite of what the mailer claims.

Why do you think that is? Do you think the people who sent me this mailer are unaware of these facts? Do you think they are incapable of typing into their own browsers to see where it leads?

No folks, this is intentional. Read the fine print at the bottom of your mailer and you will see that it was produced by a Political Action Committee called, "Defending Main Street." I went to their website and searched. Here's a screenshot of what I found:

Warren Davidson is a "Targeted Candidate"

Now, two questions:

Q: Why would the most conservative candidate in the race for Ohio's 8th district be directly targeted by a supposedly Republican lobbying group who spends over $169,000 spouting lies that are so easily exposed? And why would they start spouting those blatant lies right at the end of the campaign?

A: Because they don't think you'll take the time to research it and because they know Warren Davidson doesn't have the time or the resources to respond and explain it before the election.

Q: Who would be behind such an effort?

A: The very people who want to keep the status quo in Washington.

I don't know which candidates in this race are behind the lies being perpetrated by those who claim to be "Defending Main Street," but I can guess. They are the people with political influence, power, and money in our district just like every other district in America. These people want keep their influence, power, and money right where it is.

But I can tell you that someone like Warren Davidson wants no part of their influence, power, and money. That's why they lie about him. They can't control him. 

Warren Davidson has no intention of making Washington D.C. his new "career." He is what we all thought our public servants were supposed to be -- servants. He wants to be a part of finding solutions for the travesties Washington D.C. is perfectly content to kick down the road to our children and grandchildren.

That's why Warren Davidson is a threat. He is what we all thought John Boehner was 26 years ago -- a non-politician with a heart.

The cronies can't have that.


  1. Very well said! I don't trust any of those political mailers anymore, and this just adds to my list of reasons.

  2. The top 7 donors to this PAC are union groups. This PAC is dedicated to supporting "moderate" republicans against conservative republicans, therefore keeping the status quo in Washington DC.


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