Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CCS SLEW -- "What Is Intelligent Design?"

Intelligent Design (ID) Theory is the idea that there seem to be many aspects of the world we live in that reflect the handiwork of a thinking, purposeful being. From the intricate workings of the cell, to the force of gravity, to the location and makeup of the Earth, the universe is overflowing with clues that there is a Mind at work in creating and sustaining it. Stephen Meyer gives a great overview of the case for ID in this video. It's a little long but well worth your time if you are interested in being able to cite some of the evidence from the creation that points to God.

One issue some Christians have with ID is that many of the scientists who are involved in it do not identify the Designer as the God of the Bible. They believe this is a weakness of the intelligent design movement. I understand that feeling. But I also understand the reason the ID folks insist on doing it.

In today's culture, any hint of linking science to faith is seen as a reason for flippant dismissal of the science. ID proponents want us to consider the evidence on its own. The evidence ID provides about the reality of an Intelligent Designer is so overwhelming it is impossible to ignore. Let people see the evidence; then we can get specific about the biblical case for exactly Who that Designer is.

I believe that part of the beauty of ID is that there are agnostics and people of just about every faith represented in the movement. There's a reason for that. We are all made in His image. We all observe the same truth. We all recognize His fingerprints. The Case For Christ doesn't rest on scientific evidence; there is plenty else that points to Him. But if science is a way to begin that discussion with someone -- bring it on!

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