Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CCS SLEW -- "Is The Universe 'Fine-Tuned' For Our Existence?"

This 11-minute video offers a short discussion about the incredible amount of "fine-tuning" that went into the design of a universe that has to be "just right," not only for us to exist at all; not only for any form of life to exist at all; not only for the solar system we live in to exist at all; not just for a life-sustaining galaxy to exist at all ... but for a universe of any kind to exist at all!

As you watch this, please try to look past the appeal to "The Big Bang." I know that many Christians are uncomfortable with that concept and I understand their concern, even if I do not share it. But that is a different topic. What all of us can agree on is that the Christian view of reality depends on the fact that God created the universe out of nothing (ex nihilo) "in the beginning." If that is true, and the universe indeed had a beginning (see this post: CCS SLEW -- "Did The Universe Have A Beginning?"), then we would expect that universe to be meticulously designed with us in mind. If you are uncomfortable with the idea, whenever the narrator/interviewee uses the term "Big Bang," just substitute "Creation Event."

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