Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CCS SLEW -- "Do We Actually Have A Soul?"

Christianity presumes that there is some kind of non-physical part of us that is real. The Bible refers to this as the "soul" or the "spirit" or the "self." One of the most difficult problems for those who believe in a non-theistic (godless) universe is how to account for our "consciousness." We can formulate ideas, reason through difficult problems, imagine future events or inventions, and recognize our "selves" directly and obviously. Yet, a godless view of reality claims that all these non-physical aspects of life as we experience it are either impossible or figments of our imaginations -- illusions about things that aren't really there.

The problem with this becomes obvious when we ask the simple question, "Who is experiencing the illusion?"

Don't get bogged down in trying to differentiate between what the Bible means by the "soul" or the "spirit" -- they seem to be interchangeable. And don't accept the claim that science can, or has, proved that the soul cannot exist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are a few resources that show just how obvious it is that the soul must be real -- yet another claim about the Bible that matches exactly with the way we find the world to be:


Additional Videos
Three Problems with saying there is no soul:  
This one is a little deeper but try to get by the scientific jargon and just listen to the basic point being made -- that scientists have found that physical changes are made to the brain without any physical input (chemicals, drugs, surgery etc...) but simply by altering the way one thinks. Something that is not physical is altering something that is physical. Fascinating stuff in "The Case For the Soul" ...

Other Resources

"Consciousness May Not Require a Functioning Brain," from the Discovery Institute

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