Saturday, September 20, 2014

"We're All Somewhere In The Middle"

If you've been hiding under a rock for the last ten years or so, you might have missed out on the realization that homosexuality has become the "thing which shall not be questioned." In a world that eschews thinking through a reasoned argument about anything, the new way to "win" others to your side is to make it fun, "catchy," and accessible to everyone! It doesn't hurt to frame your opponents' view as one that could only be shared with a Neanderthal -- make it a view so ridiculously archaic that those who hold that view are ashamed to admit it because they don't want to be the ones to wreck the party.

That's how a rather popular band can produce this and market it without allowing for any hint that what they are saying is so absurd it defies any attempt to defend a rational explanation:

But, that's where we are today. In an age when social media sites can offer 58 "gender options" for their subscribers, who's to say everyone isn't gay? "We're all somewhere in the middle," and if you disagree you're just a party pooper. I mean, seriously, who could be against having so many options among every fish in the sea?

Human autonomy trumps reality. Fun is the new moral truth.

As ridiculous as it sounds, those of us who aren't anywhere near the middle need to wake up. This attitude is not just prevalent among the pop bands who aim to make money off the trend, or the hipsters who buy their music. It is alive and well in our church pews, where broaching the subject of homosexuality raises the specter of a dissension, reduced offerings, or (God forbid) the grandaddy of all anvils hanging over our congregational heads -- the church "split."

That's why the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA -- not to be confused with the more orthodox PCA) voted to redefine marriage by majority vote. That's what allows certain synods of the Lutheran Church to decide whether or not to affirm that the Bible is "silent" on the issue of homosexuality.

Silent? Really? No matter your view, how could anyone claim it's silent?

It is rampant in our church youth groups where having fun beats a boring exegesis of a biblical passage any day, and where this has become "the topic which shall not be questioned" for fear of the wrath of disenfranchised students or parents who rue the fact that "the church shouldn't be so political."

Make no mistake; this phenomenon is having a devastating effect on young people who are dabbling on the event horizon with songs like this and then, before they know it, being sucked by the gravity of the culture into the black hole from which it emanates.

The culture at large has obviously failed this test of its substance. Only we can decide if the church will follow suit. Pick a side and live there. But, please, realize that anyone who takes this topic seriously cannot land "somewhere in the middle," no matter how catchy the tune that tries to lure you there.


  1. "We're all somewhere in the middle."

    "Everyone is gay."

    Aren't those contradictory?

    What's the message, aside from "If you're NOT completely favorable to gayness, you're excluded?

    1. Well, of course. They will silence you. Punish you. Ostracize you. Bully you. What very few of the gay leadership will do is debate you about facts.

      I just had someone comment on this very post over on Google+ with the following: "I am reporting this as hate speech."

      I haven't found out yet if it's someone trying to prove my point in a clever way or someone who is seriously going to do that, but I have no doubt that the latter is distinct possibility. No need to use logic and reason if you can just shut the other side up.


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