Friday, April 20, 2012

Who Vets The "Journalists"?

Davan Maharaj
Yesterday, the L.A. Times published yet another set of pictures for no reason except to provoke and incite terrorists to violence against our troops. In short order, both Leon Panneta and our esteemed Commander-in-Chief apologized ... to the terrorists of course.

Is anyone else not just sick of this, but angered by it?

This latest round of pictures is from two years ago and shows soldiers, both American and Afghani, holding up the remains of a suicide bomber who blew himself up. No doubt, these pictures are disgusting and uncalled for. But the irony is that Muslims who will be outraged by the total lack of respect for humanity that the picture-takers display don't seem to have a problem with the greater lack of respect for humanity that the suicide bomber displayed in the cowardly act that no doubt killed innocent people.

The trail of blame for this latest release of pictures starts with whoever the moral midget was (from the 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division) who offered them up to the press. Whoever he is, I can only hope that he is identified and that his career in the Army will come to an abrupt end. But his stupidity does not even compare to the moral cowardice of the man shown (above left), Davan Maharaj, an editor at the Los Angeles Times Media Group. This so-called "journalist" was asked directly by the Pentagon not to release these pictures because of the backlash it will inspire toward our troops who are already in harm's way. He did it anyway, and gave this as an explanation:
"After careful consideration, we decided that publishing a small but representative selection of the photos would fulfill our obligation to readers to report vigorously and impartially on all aspects of the American mission in Afghanistan, including the allegation that the images reflect a breakdown in unit discipline that was endangering U.S. troops."
He did it for the troops, you see.

Of course, if he was serious about his "impartiality" we would see pictures every day of the mayhem and barbarism that results when these Muslim nutjobs attack innocent civilians, obliterate children, hide in mosques, and lift the severed heads of their prisoners in reverence to allah. So where are those pictures, Davan?

This moral coward no doubt drives his BMW to work in L.A., sits in his plush little office, and accepts his Ernie Pyle Awards with a sanctimonious air of self-righteousness, while his actions endanger the very lives of the troops who defend his luxurious way of life. Some of those troops are my sons, and one of those sons may be directly experiencing the repercussions of Davan Maharaj's "impartiality" even as I write this. I wouldn't know because I haven't heard from my son in almost two weeks -- not since the second suspicious death of a Marine in his unit occurred that is currently "under investigation." The last time this happened, it was because one of his fellow Marines was shot in the back of the head by an "allied" Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier who was being trained by our Marines. Some ally.

Shockingly, Davan Maharaj didn't feel any "obligation" to show us pictures of that.

I'm not sure if I can describe the disgust -- and, yes, anger -- I feel toward this so-called "journalist" but I would like to know who is investigating him. What are his motivations? What is his background? Why does he believe his "right" to publish two year-old photographs, with no other hope for a possible outcome than to incite violence against our uniformed men and women, exceeds any consideration of the safety and value of their lives? Why would he commit what I consider to be such a treasonous act and suffer no consequences for it? Whose mouthpiece is he?

I really hope someone is trying to answer those questions.

This is further proof to me of two things: 1) That the troops who are now in greater danger because of the arrogance of Davan Maharaj (and others like him) are better, more honorable, men than he could ever hope to be, and 2) that God's forgiveness and mercy for the lost and for those who intentionally commit evil acts in this life is beyond human comprehension -- at least for someone like me.

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