Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Logical "Choice"

Planned Parenthood Keeps Families HealthyImage by clockworknate via FlickrWhile perusing a story about the challenges to ObamaCare being posed by those who are beginning to realize that the new national health care plan really will provide public funding of abortion, I ran across this little gem in the comments section of the article. I offer it simply to demonstrate the thoughtful deliberation and ethical clarity many on the "pro-choice" side give to the abortion issue. Read it and weep:
"If we have to pay for the smokers and drinkers and drug abusers that abuse their bodies all their lives, then we should pay for abortions. At least if we pay for the abortion we won't have to pay health care on another person. I think they should be offering them on every corner shop. Would solve a few problems."

How do you argue with that?
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  1. Then we can kill all the old people and the terminally ill and that would "solve a few more problems!" Looks like we are finally "gettin' somewhere" with this healtcare thing!

  2. Yes, Jim. Ain't it great? If we eventually kill off EVERYBODY we won't have any "problems" at all. Utopia!

    Sickening ...


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