Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Short But Sweet

Today, during a discussion over at Apologetics315, Richard Ball made the following comment that I thought was masterful in its brevity and clarity. I've decided to plagiarize it whenever I need a quick version of the argument from reason and morality (with full credit to the originator, of course).

Check it out -- and memorize it!
"The fact that reason should exist at all, let alone reason that is to be trusted, is a conundrum to the atheist.
Ditto morality. Forget the argument about objective vs. subjective morality -- how/why should morality as a concept even exist in an amoral indifferent universe?
Ditto consciousness -- why/how should it emerge in a mindless, unconscious universe?
The intellectual field that atheists and Christians play on is one that is only coherent, rational, and logical if theism is true. Indeed, it is arguably only possible if theism is true. You can choose to believe atheism by faith, in spite of the evidence, but I disagree that the belief is based on sound reason."

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