Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Christianity is True

Below is the calendar of publication for the Apologetics315 April blog series event. My contribution to the project will appear on April 8, 2010.

Essays will only be published on weekdays at noon EST. Apologetics315 will continue 'normal blogging operations' in tandem with the project. Along with each post will be links to the essayist's blog, links to the audio file of the essay. At the end of the series a PDF ebook version of all the essays will be made available.

Please visit Apologetics315 and join in the discussion. This should be a very worthwhile exercise that promises to get everyone, from whatever point of view, to consider the idea that Christianity is worth thinking about.

Here's the calendar:

April 1
Chris Reese

Brian Auten

April 2
Does God Exist?
Tawa Anderson

April 5
The Christian Worldview is the Best Explanation
Jim Wallace

April 6
Coherent, Consistent & Livable
Wes Widner

April 7
The Failure of Naturalism
Richard Gerhardt

April 8
Defrocking the Priests of Scientism
Bob Perry

April 9
Orthogonal Complexity
Peter Grice

April 12
Cumulative Reasons for Christianity
Chad Gross

April 13
Prophecy and Resurrection
Shelby Cade

April 14
Making Sense of the Resurrection
Luke Nix

April 15
The Facts of the Resurrection
Aaron Brake

April 16
The Historical Event of the Resurrection
Amy Hall

April 19
The Impossible Faith
James Patrick Holding

April 20
Christianity and Other Ancient Religions
Stephen J. Bedard

April 21
Christianity Proved by the Nature of the Jewish Nation
Anthony Horvath

April 22
The Euthyphro Dichotomy
Mariano Grinbank

April 23

Christianity is Objectively True
Marcus McElhaney

April 26
The Bible Tells Me So
Vocab Malone

April 27
Christianity Explains Logic
Glenn Hendrickson

Atheism: A Falsified Hypothesis
Brian Colón

April 28
Testing Christianity's Core Truth Claims
Kyle Deming

April 29
Showing Christianity is True
Matthew Flannagan

April 30
The Wise Man Seeks God
Brian Auten

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