Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Source of Moral Value

If you have some time to commit to it, and you are interested in the moral argument for God's existence, this debate between Sean McDowell and James Corbett is a great follow-on to my January 11, 2010 post on a similar debate between Greg Koukl and Michael Shermer. The first video is the formal statement/counter-statement portion. The second is a back and forth question and answer session where the two debaters are able to banter with one another in an open exchange. It ends with questions from the audience.

Each are valuable in their own way. Have a listen and decide who makes the better case for their point of view ...

Is God the Best Explanation for Moral Values? Part 1 from ConversantLife on Vimeo.

Is God the Best Explanation for Moral Values? Part 2 from ConversantLife on Vimeo.

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