Thursday, March 11, 2010

Archaeological Confirmation (again)

Dr. Eliat Mazar, a renowned Israeli archaeologist, has been in the news recently making a strong case for a find she has been working on for years. Shards of pottery have been found at the site of massive fortifications unearthed in Jerusalem and dated to 3000 years ago. This is confirmation of the age of the fortifications and are powerful evidence that is perfectly consistent with Mazar's claim that these are the walls of the ancient city of Jerusalem. has an extensive summary of the find on its website.

What's all the fuss?

The dating of these fortifications confirms that a civilization with the technology, resources and manpower capable of building such a thing did indeed exist at that time -- a fact that has been doubted by "experts" who not only denied that the Jewish Temple of David and Solomon fame ever existed, but that David, Solomon, and the biblical references to the society attributed to them are nothing but religious "myth."

Mazar has confirmed the exact opposite in the exact location where the Temple is claimed to have been built and dated her findings to the exact time attributed to it in the Bible. Once again the reliability and historicity of the Bible have been confirmed. The fact is that archaeology has accurately, consistently and repeatedly done so. It has never done the opposite.

The fact is that the Bible has been shown to be a reliable resource that gives us an historically accurate picture of the real world time and time again.

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