Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apologetics 315 Feature

The month of April should be a lively one over at Apologetics 315. Brian Auten has dedicated that month to a project involving a variety of Christian apologist bloggers who will delve into the question, "Why Is Christianity True?"

I am humbled and excited to have been chosen to participate in that project.

Here is Brian's summary of the overall project goal:

  • 20 apologetic bloggers have submitted 1000 word essays about a topic of their choice
  • These essays will be used as daily special posts at Apologetics315 during the month of April
  • Brian will make an MP3 version of each essay to be released in a daily podcast form at the same time
  • Each contributor will act as "defender" of his/her essay as it is posted (order of appearance still to be determined)
  • All essays will be incorporated into an ebook (or perhaps a 'free' lulu.com print book) to be provided at the end of the series
I have never been directly involved in a project like this and am really looking forward to it. Please pass the word to anyone you know about this. The more people we have participating, the better it will be -- especially if we can use this as an opportunity to engage skeptics and atheists in the discussion.

I will relay the date of my own essay, "Defrocking The Priests Of Naturalism," as soon as I find out when it will appear. I look forward to "seeing" folks over at Apologetics 315 during the month of April.

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