Thursday, June 5, 2008

Evolution As Myth (Part 5 of 5)

The final Evolution as Mythology post is up (here). Please take the time to read it. This has been a fantastic series of articles by some serious experts and each is definitely worth taking the time to read. I will offer a quick summary here but that alone does not do this series of articles justice. This is the kind of information every serious Christian should have stored in the immediate access area of their brain. If you can remember nothing else, remember these three points:

Evolution is no different from any other myth
A myth may be true or false, but its principle characteristic is that it validates the thinking, practices, and ideals of a culture. Evolution explains our existence within the framework of our modern culture of naturalism, which has no need for a god. A myth cannot be proved, or disproved, with the technology of the culture; a myth requires faith.
In this case, it requires faith to buy into the unrepeatable requirement for abiogenesis, the elusive wishfulness that goes with panspermia (of any variety), or the baseless assertion of macro-Evolution is a "fact." Like any other myth, Evolution requires the true believer to suspend disbelief in order to accept it.

Evolution is not falsifiable

... and therefore disqualifies itself as a scientific theory.
For a theory to be considered scientific, it must be possible to devise a controlled test such that a negative result proves the theory false. But no such test exists for evolution because it is based on unrepeatable, once-in-a-lifetime random occurrences that can therefore “explain” anything.
By definition, Evolution cannot predict future results and its theorists use circular reasoning to morph it into anything they need it to be. Want it to be gradualistic? Ignore the actual fossil evidence and demand that a vast majority of the fossil evidence must have been destroyed. Want it to attempt to explain the fossil evidence? Adopt punctuated equilibrium even if doing so requires Evolution to act exactly opposite the way the actual theory is proposed. Indeed, the only way the actual scientific evidence supports Evolution is if one assumes the theory is true before he/she evaluates the evidence in question.

View Evolution as a Religion
... some scientists are beginning to view Darwinism in the same way others view religion. After all, it has a prophet (Charles Darwin), a priesthood, and a secret body of knowledge. Science historian Marjorie Grene says, "It is as a religion of science that Darwinism chiefly held, and holds, men’s minds… . Darwinian theory has itself become an orthodoxy preached by its adherents with religious fervor, and doubted, they feel, only by a few muddlers imperfect in scientific faith."
This is a point that we must hammer home again and again. While the "new atheists" and their ilk demean the religious faithful as an army of mind-numbed regurgitators of thoughtless dogma; they are in fact, practicing the same kind of religion under a different name. It is ironic that those who doubt Darwinism are the only ones who seem capable of engaging their minds enough to recognize its flaws.

Many scientists rightly tire of arguing with thoughtless Christians who reject science as a godless enterprise in which the "Pure In Faith" have no reason to engage. It is a sad truth that too many Christians choose that view. But for those who have no fear of any aspect of God's revelation to man, science is an exciting looking glass that lets us peer into the order and intricacy of the Creator's beautiful mind. It reveals his character and the depth of love he must have for us to create so elaborate a place for us to live and discover him. There is no justification for avoiding a discovery like that. We kid ourselves if we deny it; just as the Evolutionists kid themselves in constructing the elaborate myth they need to remove the Creator from view.

Evolution may be man-made myth. But, as C. S. Lewis said, Christianity is the myth come true.

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